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Reach us at 989-631-6151 or fax 989-631-5532


Tennis Professionals

Name Extension Email
Mike Woody, USPTA/PTR
Executive Director
101 woody@midlandtennis.com
Sharon Cleland, USPTA/PTR
Director of Tennis
Assistant Director of the Dow Corning Tennis Classic
105 cleland@midlandtennis.com
Steve Host, PTR
Director of Junior Competitive Tennis
102 shost@midlandtennis.com
Wendy Franz, USPTA 103 franz@midlandtennis.com
Talaya Schilb, USPTA/PTR
Director of Special Events
122 stevens@midlandtennis.com
Konnor Brennan, PTR
Director of Cardio Tennis
Director of Middle School Tennis
173 kbrennan@midlandtennis.com
Pete Buist USPTA/PTR 145 pbuist@midlandtennis.com
Jared Flick, PTR
Director of Junior Development
109 flick@midlandtennis.com
Jane Heiss-Armitage, PTR 129 heiss@midlandtennis.com
Terry Hicks USPTA/PTR 123 hicks@midlandtennis.com
Michael Thompson, PTR 209 mthompson@midlandtennis.com
John Pfeiffer, USPTA 135  
Karen Skorup, PTR 147 kskorup@midlandtennis.com
Susie Staloch, USPTA 121 teckla@aol.com
Jason Walsh, PTR 143 jwalsh@midlandtennis.com
Jack Weisheim 130  
Jarryd Botha 216 jbotha@midlandtennis.com
Gordy Hill, PTR 201 ghill@midlandtennis.com
Sally Wasserman, PTR 165 swasserman@midlandtennis.com
Janine Soldan, PTR 205 jsoldan@midlandtennis.com
Ryan Varilek, PTR   rvarilek@midlandtennis.com
Tonia Gooden, PTR 212 tgooden@midlandtennis.com
Crystal Pumford, PTR 215 cpumford@midlandtennis.com
Paul Sanderude, PTR 210 psanderude@midlandtennis.com


Name Extension Email
Pesi Kennett
Director of Business Operations
108 kennett@midlandtennis.com
Carmen Ream 107 ream@midlandtennis.com
John Krafft
Director of Marketing & Communication
112 getkraffty@midlandtennis.com
Cindy Vickery
Director of Tournaments and Welcome Center
176 cvickery@midlandtennis.com
Cary Dardas
Director of Leagues and Membership
178 cdardas@midlandtennis.com
Adam Salgat
Pro Shop Manager
163 salgat@midlandtennis.com
Advantage-Pro Shop 160 proshop@midlandtennis.com
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Midland Community Tennis Center

900 East Wackerly Street

Midland, MI 48642-7099

(989) 631-6151

Outdoor Season Hours (June 16 - September 1)

Monday - Thursday 8 am - 9 pm
Friday 8 am - 8 pm

Saturday 8 am - 1 pm
Sunday 3 pm - 8 pm

Hours may be extended or reduced for holidays and special events.