Adult Tennis To Taste!

Too much tennis is wonderful. That’s why we constructed one of the largest programs in the Midwest for our 40- court Tennis Complex in Tennis Town USA. Then we made it an Excellent Tennis Adventure, starring you.

Yes, you have choices for all skill levels. Newcomers and returnees get sharp in a hurry. Intermediate and advanced players compete in tournaments, leagues, groups, ladders, and “friendly” matches. From Cardio Tennis to reshape your chassis and find new energy to match play everywhere, it’s all about Play To Win because the fun is so much better.

Join us for Your Excellent Tennis Adventure. There is no substitute.


Free Week of Tennis For Adults Schedule Feb 16-22!


February-March Class Registration Form

Play Tennis Fast 1 - Beginner
Days and Times
Play In One Hour, Learn More Cool Stuff Later-Guaranteed!
Coordinated by Sharon Cleland, USPTA/USPTR

Okay, you've never played the game before. No problem. We get you playing in the first hour, hitting forehands, serves, volleys over that net “thingy". Take a bow. You're terrific. You walked in a neophyte, and walked out a tennis player with potential. This is your first surprise. Yes, you can play this game.
Play Tennis Fast 2 - Advanced Beginner
Days and Times
Your Game Gets Hot With Cool Instruction
Coordinated by Sharon Cleland, USPTA/USPTR

You've played before but you hit the ball out of the park or into the pool. Come on down! Let's get control of your strokes and add some fairly fast footwork. Learn how reliable strokes open the court for smart tactics and savvy strategies.
Play Tennis Fast 3 - The Next Step!
Days and Times 
Coordinated by Sharon Cleland, USPTA/USPTR

Build your game with some strategic play.  You are a tennis player!
Play Tennis Fast League With Gordy!
You’re Learning To Play—Yeah!
Here’s A League Of Your Own!
Sundays 7-8:30 pm

Contact Gordy for Info -

Yes, you can join classes in progress - call us for availability!

OK – you’ve learned to play – now check out Cardio & Clinics, Leagues, Adult Match Play and of course – Membership!

Midland Community Tennis Center

900 East Wackerly Street

Midland, MI 48642-7099

(989) 631-6151

Indoor Season Hours

Monday - Thursday 8 am - 10 pm
Friday 8 am - 9 pm

Saturday 8 am - 9 pm
Sunday 9 pm - 9 pm

Hours may be extended or reduced for holidays and special events.