Your Cardio Tennis Crew!



Cardio Tennis
For 3.0 and above level players. Fast-paced drilling and point-play to help keep your heart and your strokes healthy!   
Monday - Friday  Noon-1pm                           
Monday - Thursday 8-9pm       
Friday - Saturday  9-10am 
Saturday - 2-3 pm
Sunday 1-2 pm

$13.50 member/$15.50 Guest - frequent flyer punch cards available.
TRX Cardio Tennis
Not for the faint- hearted people. But perfect to get you into CardioShape to play longer, better, winning more and hearing these words: “Wow your game has changed, and so have you, what’s up?”
Tuesdays 10-11:30 am and 6-7:30 pm
Thursday 9-10:30 am
Friday 12-1 pm

$14 member/$16.50 guest 1 hour classes
$22 member/$25 guest 1.5 hr classes
Monthly enrollment available - call the Welcome Center at 989-631-6151!

Advanced Sign Up for All Cardio and Clinics Requested
Sign Up Online or Call 989-631-6151

Clinic and Cardio Schedule PDF

Adult Training Program (ATP) With Gordy Hill
Teach your strokes to drive a winning strategy!  The fast and friendly way to get your strokes ready for point play with winning tactics and strategy.  $!5 member/$19 Guest.
Tuesday and Thursday 1-2 pm
Thursday 8-9 pm
R.P.M. TENNIS PROGRAM (Rallies per Minute)
For 2.5 & above level players. Repetitive and specific rallying formats used to measure and develop your strokes so that you can stay in points longer, score more, and get better in a hurry!  $12.50 member/$14.50 Guest
Wednesday 1-2 pm               

For 2.5-3.0 level players. College-style drills, strategy and tactics. Game-improvement on the fast track! $18 Member, $22.50 Guest
Saturday   10-11:30am                                
For 3.5 & above level players. Jump-start your weekend with competitive drilling and point play.  $22.50  Member/$28 Guest
Saturday 8-9:30 am

For 2.5 and above level players. One shot per week is broken down, built up and drilled into your subconscious! Schedule of Strokes.  $12.50 Member, $14.50 Guest
Monday   6-7 pm 
Tuesday 11-noon                              
Wednesday 7-8 pm
Mental, physical and technical training that will build winning habits one step at a time.  $34.00 Member $37.00 Guest
3.0 Level Monday  9-11am   
3.5 Level Tuesday 9-11am   
4.0 Level Wednesday 9:30-11:30am
2.5 Level Thursday 9-11 am   



Midland Community Tennis Center

900 East Wackerly Street

Midland, MI 48642-7099

(989) 631-6151

Indoor Season Hours (September - June)

Monday - Thursday 8 am - 10 pm
Friday and Saturday 8 am - 9 pm

Sunday 9 am - 9 pm
Hours may be extended or reduced for holidays and special events.