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CARDIO TENNIS (2.75 and above)

Fast-paced, fitness-focused, fun drills that raise your heart rate in a healthy way, while burning calories. Coach fed hitting is perfect for all levels. Members lose weight, feeling new conditioning and energy. Let’s get tired!  $13.50 member, $15.50 Guest - Frequent flier punch cards available for Cardio, Buy 10 Get 1 Free—See Welcome Center
Monday - Friday  Noon-1pm                           
Monday - Thursday 8-9 pm
Monday 9:30-10:30 am
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 9-10 am
Friday 6-7 pm - NEW!
Saturday 2-3 pm
Sunday 1-2 pm      

New Cardio Tennis for 3.75 and above
Cardio action for the higher level player.  Let's Go!

Wednesdays 7-8 pm

Cardio 101
New to the game or new to Cardio Tennis, start right here!  A little tennis instruction thrown in with lots of cardio action to get you fit and fabulous.  Everyone will be asking how you are looking so good!  $13 per class

Monday10:30-11:30 am
Tuesday 8-9 pm
Wendesday 10:30-11:30 am
Thursday 7-8 pm
Friday 10-11 am
Saturday 10-11 am

Cardio 101 Daytime 4 Week Special - $96 for Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning classes March 9 - April 10.  Click for more info.

TRX CARDIO TENNIS (2.75 and above)
TRX Cardio Tennis builds all around strength and conditioning with suspension band training coupled to fast point play. Coaches also feed balls fast, while you’re huffing and puffing, getting fitter & stronger.  Effort is assumed, you absolutely have to bring it!  1.5 hr classes $22 member, $25 guest, 1 hr classes $14 member, $16.50 guest

Tuesday  & Thursday 10-11:30 am
Tuesday 6-7:30 pm
Friday 12-1 pm



Learn It!  Play It!

Take Your Game To The Next Level

STROKE OF THE WEEK (2.5 and Above)

One shot per week is broken down, built up and drilled into your subconscious through cooperative and competitive drilling situations.  Schedule of strokes is available online and at the Welcome Center.  $13.00 Member, $15.00 Guest,
 24-hour advance registration required. Stroke Schedule

Tuesday 11am-Noon                           
Wednesday 7-8pm

ORGANIZED PRACTICE (2.5-3.0 level players)
Each session is organized with themes like The Transition Game, Defensive Play, Countering The Aggressive Baseliner, and Get Me To The Net On Time! Point play and fed balls create the situational tennis of a match so you can test your tennis and your progress. $19.00 Member $23.50 Guest, 24-hour advance registration required. 

Saturday 10-11:30am

For players playing in or have completed PTF 2

Thirty minutes of Cardio 101 warm-up and drilling, one hour of supervised match play.  Play while you learn— proper warm-up, general rules and tennis etiquette, doubles and singles strategy and tactics.  $12.50 Member, $12.50 guest, Eight hour advance registration required, minimum of 3 players required to run. 

Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm

Let’s develop your thinking and technical approach to doubles, one step at a time, while you conclude “dubs” is really geometry with a smiley face. Reduced rate available for monthly commitment—see the Welcome Center.  Advance registration required (by 8pm night before). 

3.0 Level Monday 9-11am $35.50 Member $39.00 Guest
3.5 Level Tuesday 9-11 am $35.50 Member $39.00 Guest
4.0 Level Wednesday 9:30-11:30am $35.50 Member $39.00 Guest
2.5 Level Thursday 9-10:30 am $26.50 Member $29.50 Guest

A.T.P. (Adult Training Program) with Gordy Hill
Your game gets a major boost with these ball machine driven sessions.  The ball machine encourages mastery of strokes & footwork, playing theme strategies for Smart “Dubs”  and “Singles” In The Fast Lane, Net Minding For Success, and Court Transitions.  It’s all good.  $15.00 Member $19.00 Guest, 3-hour advanced registration required. 

Tuesday 1-2pm 
Thursday 11-12 pm
Thursday 8-9pm

TECH TENNIS (2.75-3.25 level players)
A technical understanding of strokes & footwork, even directional hitting and shaping the shot with different grips and swing paths is the basis of custom- building  a game with your name on it. For singles and doubles players.  $25.00 Member $28.00 Guest, 3-hour advanced registration required. 

Thursday 12:-1:30 pm
Grab a few friends and tell us what you want to happen to your game. We’ll take it from there. We’re flexible on time and pro assignment. But you gotta hustle when we combo the stroke & footwork technique, ball machine hitting, point and game play drills.  Oh, and did we forget savvy strategies and winning tactics? What’s not to like!

Contact Sharon Cleland at or 989-631-6151 or your favorite pro!

Advanced Sign Up for All Cardio and Clinics Requested
Sign Up Online or Call 989-631-6151

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