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Fun & Learn

The best part of our 10 And Under Tennis for beginners is that kids have way too much fun, while swinging away, learning the game, running and laughing all the way.

Start your children in 10 And Under Tennis and they’ll meet new kids and make new friends as they go through the shared experience of an Excellent Tennis Adventure.

Kids loved to do what they can do well. We get that. Your child gets good in a hurry using scaled courts, equipment and special tennis balls that fast-track progress.

Play as a kid! Play for life!
New balls! New racquets! New fun & run! New kid!

See you here: Kyle Foster, PTR, Director of the MCTC’s 10 And Under Tennis





5 and 6 Years Old

7 and 8 Years Old

9 and 10 Years Old

It’s never been easier to get your kids active and having fun with tennis. With equipment sized right for age and ability, and programs just for kids tennis is ready—and waiting—for your child!

Tennis sized right for age and ability let’s kids play on shorter courts, with smaller racquets, and slower, lower-bouncing balls. Kids play tennis made just for them, so that they have a great time with the game and want to keep playing and improving. 

The best thing about tennis is that it can be played anywhere! All you need is a racquet and a ball and you can start playing with your family today. You can create a court with chalk lines and a piece of string as a net. It’s that easy to get out and play.

April-June 10 & Under Registration Form



3 and 4 Years Old

The Perfect Match For Parent & Child

Tennis Whizz, our new national program for 3-4 year old preschoolers, utilizes tennis as a unique learning setting for your child.

Children develop coordination & balance; manage spaces and understand directions; control objects, simulate educational skills, and interact with other children.

These elements combine seamlessly to give your child not just a complete understanding of tennis, but also a new range of athletic skills for other activities, as well as early personal development.

Learn More About The Tennis Whizz Program

April-June Whizz Kids Registration Form


New Classes start about every 6 weeks. You can join a class in progress - just call us!


Midland Community Tennis Center

900 East Wackerly Street

Midland, MI 48642-7099

(989) 631-6151

Indoor Season Hours (September - June)

Monday - Thursday 8 am - 10 pm
Friday and Saturday 8 am - 9 pm

Sunday 9 am - 9 pm
Hours may be extended or reduced for holidays and special events.